Star Spangled Athleisure Sales

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〈1〉 〈2〉 〈3〉 〈4〉 〈5〉 〈6〉 〈7〉 〈8〉 〈9〉 〈10〉 〈11〉 〈12〉 〈13〉 〈14〉 〈15〉 〈16〉 〈17〉 〈18〉 〈19〉 〈20〉 〈21〉

Who else is excited to fill their stomachs with good ole American style meals???? Like all other holidays, its a time for over eating themed foods. Personally, I can’t wait. Don’t be surprised if we celebrate with Soul Cycle first, though!

Then, its festive desserts & anything I can attempt to fully cook on the grill ! ha. Washed down by cocktails and beer by the pool and followed up by my quest to find fireworks! We are so privileged to live in a country that gets an extra day of the year to celebrate being American & free. I hope everyone has the opportunity to surround themselves with family, friends and loved ones tomorrow.

By the way, where is everyone celebrating? comment please!  Being new to Dallas, I’ve seen so many events pop up for the day but I’m conflicted on which one I should drag Olivia + friends to!

With it being a holiday and long weekend, I felt the need to share some of these star spangled activewear pieces that are now on sale! Whether you’re buying a red/white/blue outfit for the pre-holiday workout or you plan on wearing them separately on a not so patriotic occasion, these are some awesome steals on some of my favorite brands and websites to find athleisure. Check them out!

I’m personally loving # 5, # 10, # 15 & # 18.

Please let me know if y’all end up buying a piece and tag us in your instagram pictures on how you style them! I’d love to see! @sociallyfitdallas




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