Solved : The Gym Bag Struggle

Like all the rest of y’all we have full time jobs, which is why we think it’s so important to show y’all that fitness is still achievable even after you clock out from work. One of my biggest struggles of working then going to the gym is organization. Although I am a very organized individual, finding a way to carry my breakfast, lunch, snack, water bottle, make up, Erin Condren Planner, wallet, gym shoes, pre-work out supplements, and my gym clothes, is always battle.

First off, who wants to put their gym shoes next to their Fage yogurt in the mornings? or what about that water bottle, what if it spills? I don’t want to have to carry two different bags to work and look like a bag lady. I also don’t want to carry only one bag and take the chance of something falling out or being the girl that looks over packed. Ugh. Adulting is tough.
Now, I don’t know about you, but despite sometimes needing that traditional gym bag, there are days I just don’t want to lug it around in a professional atmosphere or even the occasional post work out meal/cocktails. Thankfully, our world has been over taken by this trend called Athleisure and I must say, the it makes being socially fit wayyyy easier.
As I was doing my research to solve all my bag to work to gym problems, I came across this amazing called GymTote. The brand has designed fully functional gym bags to look like you over priced Hermes Birkin bag. Can you believe it? I couldn’t. With extremely breathable materials to maintain even the smelliest gym sock, and easy to clean materials to wipe up the messiest of spills, this bag has it ALL! Or at least I was hoping so from the pictures online, it wasn’t until it arrived in my arms that I realized this bag was so much better than it’s picture online. And here’s a few reason’s why:


◊ It absolutely does not look like a gym bag, I can take it into even the most professional of settings!
◊ It has both a zipper and button closure to make sure all your valuables are kept nice and safe at all times!
◊The top pocket makes for a purse-like setting while separating your other items you might take to the gym, with a large zip pocket inside that could fit clothes!
◊The bottom side pocket fits a pair of sneakers and keeps them separate from everything else!
◊The vertical side pocket holds a water bottle up right so that it never spills!
◊The middle front pocket is perfect for your to go meals!
Everything is water resistant!! 

How amazing is this bag? It solves all my problems and I hope now that you know it might solve all of yours. To add to this excitement, from now until the end of month of July ONLY, GymTote is giving me the opportunity to give y’all 15% off this or any bag on their site!! Just use the code DALLASFIT15 at checkout! Enjoy!


Although this is all I had in my bag at the time, trust me when I say, this bag can fit way more in it than just typical purse items! I could’ve easily fit a spare set of clothes and a full meal or snacks for the day.


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