Social Sunday X HG Sply Co. Yoga

Location: HG Supply Co., 2008 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206

A Sunday in Dallas, TX is usually begun with french toast, a side of bacon and a carafe of mimosas, while being surrounded by one’s closest friends and family. Some refer to this as Brunch, others such as ourselves like to refer to it as the beginning of Sunday Funday.

With no limit to the calories consumes on our favorite of weekly holidays, it makes sense that someone out there has figured out a way for this to become a socially fit event as well.

His name is Kurt Johnsen. This man knows the ins and outs of having one zen life. By zen, we mean accomplished. Originally owning his own studio where the Sunstone studio is off Mockingbird and 75, now he just teaches there four times a week. In 2001, Kurt founded the nationally recognize yoga system, American Power Yoga. Through this program, he has taught thousands of students and trained many certified instructors. He has even been featured on the nationally televised show Yoga for Life! We’re telling ya , this guy is a pretty cool guy to yoga with!

During his off time from being a famous world changing yogi, he likes to enhance everyone’s Sunday Funday by working with Lower Greenville’s beloved HG Supply Co. and teaching a complementary yoga. Granted this opportunity is free of charge, a proceed bucket is provided for those of you who would like to go the extra mile and donate proceeds to Interfaith Family Services. A charity that benefits the local homeless community by providing them with furnished apartments, new skills, self-worth and then helping them get out into the world to find jobs. 100% of the proceeds go back to the charity and 100% of the homeless brought in are proven to have jobs within a year of the program!

After feeling good from the inside out, it is strongly encouraged that you get your brunch on at HG Supply Co and look back at all you’ve accomplished on a Sunday before noon. We thoroughly enjoyed Kurt’s class, he has a certain rhythm to his poses and the tone of his voice also flows. He also provides instruction to all levels of yogis, with modifications if needed. Needless to say, he has a regular following of  yogis and we’re excited to join them!

The event does not furnish your mat, so bring your own. We also suggest bringing a towel and water. The event is hosted every Sunday at 10 am on the roof, and by every Sunday we mean: Every Sunday until the weather turns cold! Arrive 10-15 minutes early, so that you can get a spot because the roof fills up. img_3618img_3611img_3614img_3605img_3619


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