Dallas’ Bubbliest Young Professionals

Everybody pop a bottle, make that thing go “bow!”

Quoting the ever inspiring words of Drake & TI, poppin’ bottles is what we did last night. *Insert popping champagne bottle emoji here*

Dressed to impress, we arrived at The Joule hotel. Surrounded by eye popping art pieces, this hotel is gladly one of the more hip locations of Downtown Dallas. If you can beat the traffic, its definitely worth a visit and a sip. Obviously the young professional Dallas crowd thought so too!
Yes, like any other twenty to forty something year olds, we look forward to our occasional happy hour after a long work day but add philanthropy and we’re more than sold! If this sounds like something you think you’d be interested in, just wait it gets better!

This socially philanthropic group, provides 60 percent of North Texas’ Cancer beneficiaries funds! Young Texan’s Against Cancer was founded in Austin, TX and since then has locations in San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas as well. The Dallas chapter, known for having the most events throughout the year and the biggest bash during the fall, has raised over $1 million in support of the fight against cancer. With NINE different beneficiaries, this non profit gives funds back to cancer organizations seeking general support, pediatric, breast and research care.

These young professionals are not only rocking the fight against cancer but also the social scene. Here’s how: a spring fashion show, a chili cook off, a 5k & 10K race, a food & champagne inspired gala, and a golf tournament! On top of all these amazing events, members also get to attend YTAC only happy hours at some of the coolest spots in town. With hundreds of members actively involved in this community, you know it’s gonna be a great time!

So why were we so bubbly about being at the YTAC event last night? Well, last night was the Bubbly Q Kick-off party! -duh. A cocktail to kick off a cocktail event, I guess you could call it. On the evening of October 13th, YTAC will put on their biggest of events, the Bubbly Q. This will take place at Fearing’s in the Ritz Carlton Hotel, and we honestly can’t wait! With over 20 of the finest chefs and bakery chefs in Dallas + mixologists + live music + a silent auction, this is what the Bubbly Q is all about! Last night gave members the opportunity to get first dibs on their tickets, and non members the opportunity to grab a membership or ticket or both at a discounted price. Tickets go fast!


The coolest part of last night? Meeting the famous Chef Dean Fearing as he mingled among us and we graciously welcomed him into our community. Dean is the Chef Chair and leads the event by offering it in his restaurant every year. With the help of him and the rest of the local chefs, the event is able to raise $200,000 a year by this event only.

How to get involved:
Tickets for the event will go on sale online this coming September. We will definitely provide you with the link when we get our hands on it! Until then, join YTAC by visiting their website. Pop bottles against cancer with us!



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