The Upside

Real Talk: How many of you, are like me, and turn the local news on right after hitting your snooze button?

I usually lay in bed for a good 10 minutes before pealing myself out to get dressed for the work day. During this time, I’m listening to the weather (Oh, its gonna be another day of 100° F forecast), the traffic (Yea, that’s going to set me back 30 minutes), the local crime (Thanks for making me fear my city), Politics (He said/She said what?), and occasionally tragedies our country is facing. When I really think about it, as much as I love waking up to the news…what a negative way to wake up!
Especially lately, the negativity of the news is almost as stressful as just being a young adult… learning how to adult in this adult world. adult. ha.
The  upside to this is…. 
During the news, I’m learning how to dress that day, I’m learning that I may have to leave early or take a different road to work, I’m learning which areas of town I should be more careful about, I’m learning about my country’s beliefs and future, and I’m learning about how thankful I should be that I am here today, alive and healthy!
There’s always an upside to every situation which is why there’s no question to why I’m featuring one of my favorite activewear brands today on the blog. The brand is called The Upside!

About the Brand:
Founded by Australian fashion icon Jodhi Meares, The Upside is supposed to be considered the upside of activewear for women & men. The line features styles and patterns that can take anyone from work to work out to going out. The patterns specifically giving you something to brighten your day without being too flashy! While always looking on the upside, Meares, former Australian’s Next Top Model star, created this line in 2014 and since then has opened many shops world wide. Also available at stores and websites like Carbon 38, Net-a-Porter, Nordstroms, Lane Crawford. Selfridges, Revolve, and our very own Highland Park Village’s Bandier.  


The downside, I felt slightly naked walking around Highland Park Village taking pictures. The upside, now all of you can shop this awesome brand!!
Crops & Bra : The Upside 
Shoes : YZY 350 boost 
Hoodie: Free People 
Tote : Remi & Reid 


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