Mandy Rae Busby Art Show + The Akola Project

Location: Akola Project, 2646 Main St, Dallas, TX 75226

Who doesn’t love a little art to brighten up your day?

IMG_1687Mandy Rae Busby, an adorable local artist, celebrated her first art series at the Akola Project in Deep Ellum on Saturday, June 11th. We were so happy that we stopped by! She had a variety of different pieces from large chunky paintings, from abstract and animal watercolor to drawings of nature and animals. Of course we had a get the amazing watercolor elephant! The event was cute and cozy, as the store was filled with family and friends supporting Mandy. We wish the best for this impressive artist! To view more of Mandy’s pieces, and purchase a few of your own starting in July 2016, visit her site here.

The Akola Project is also a truly inspiring venue, so it was no surprise they sponsored a wonderful artist! Brittany Underwood, the founder of the Akola Project, has an astonishing story! While Brittany was in college, she founded a non-profit organization to construct an orphanage home after a 10 minute meeting with a Ugandan women who cared for street children. After graduation, she moved to Uganda to build the orphanage and build 20 water wells throughout the country. Brittany then launched a new sustainable impact model to help uplift women and children, called “Akola” meaning “to work”.

The store sells all types of jewelry – necklaces, earring, bracelets – from all types of materials – horn, glass, metal. These beautiful pieces are created by the Akola women who are living below the poverty line. 100% of their profits are reinvested in their social mission to empower women. To learn more about their story or to get involved, check out their site here.



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