Welcome to the CRYO ZONE!

You’re traveling through another dimension.
A dimension, not only of sight and sound, but of mind.
A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination.
Next stop the Cryo Zone!

Location:  6025 Royal Ln #219-2, Dallas, TX 75230

If you’ve ever experienced temperatures of -167° F while having to confide in furry boots and gloves to keep you warm, you may have just crossed over into…. THE CRYO ZONE. Or you’re an Eskimo streaking….awkward.

Not to be mistaken for the Twilight Zone, the CryoZone is a boundary you can cross right here in Dallas, TX. Founded in our city, it is the first cryotherapy studio that has a national presence. “Cryotherapy is one of the fastest-growing, holistic, wellness solutions that enables the body to naturally recover at the cellular level.”  

Last Saturday morning, after splurging on a Sip&Stir Cappuccino and doughnut, we chilled out at the CryoZone off Preston & Royal. Greeted by one of their Chill-out specialists, we were given the run down on the chilly dimension we were about to embark on. Nerves are completely natural after hearing what you’re about to do during this session, but with the session only lasting 2 1/2 minutes, it’s nothing to freak over. With just a little frost bite to the abdominal, it’s over before it even started. Just Kidding. It was the longest 2 1/2 minutes of our lives, seriously.

Let’s back up.
After being greeted and our blood pressure taken, our specialist led us into a room where we were able to view our time machine, I mean, cryotherapy machine. We were also given thermal knee sock, gloves, furry booties, and a sanitary wipe to wipe off any lotions or moisture on our bodies. Then behind closed doors, we stripped down to our skivvies and suited up! Our specialist walked back into the room, and situated the first one of us into the machine. Instructed to stand and walk in tiny circles for the entire time, Nitrogen gas began to fill the tank, cooling everything off to negative temperatures in a mire 60 seconds. During this time, it was told to us that your skin’s temperature would drop from 93.2° F to 33.8°F. In pursuit to survive, your body goes into survival mode and rushes blood to the abdominal area in order to protect your organs. “As your blood vessels begin vasoconstriction and circulate blood on an internal tract, red blood cells are enriched with oxygen, nutrients and enzymes, while toxins are flushed from peripheral tissues.”

All the while, talking about our plans for the evening (DOS JEFES) with the specialist and each other, our bodies are doing amazing things! Enduring the intense tingling sensation throughout, after the 2 1/2 minutes, you’re unleashed from the machine and granted permission to put your clothes back on! You’re done and you just burned 500-800 calories while also receiving such awesome benefits as: reduction in cellulite, metabolic boost, improvement in skin (acne), increase in collagen production, relief of pain from joint disorders, decreases muscle soreness, fast recovery from surgery, alleviation of negativity such as depression, speeds up recovery from stress of competitive sports, and decreases swelling.

See what we mean about another dimension, the CryoZone is out of this world!


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