Wild Arrow Fitness Mat Giveaway

One of the great things about being us, is that we get the opportunity to spotlight other amazing fun fit junkies just like us! Part of Socially Fit, is about having the opportunity to treat each of you like a friend and connect with you on a more personal level about fitness, social events and products. We’re telling each of you, how things really are, especially when things/people are really great! Honesty is our best policy.

That being said we are so excited to announce our first giveaway opportunity with two inspiring twenty-something, young professional women, Blogger Cara Morrell & Entrepreneur Regan Lewis.

About Regan:
Native to Texas, Regan was born and raised in Austin. While studying at the University of Texas for a degree in Supply Chain Management, her and her roommate sought after something they could do together as a business. Wild Arrow Fitness Mats was born! The small business opened in November of 2015 and all mats are printed locally. Their designs are inspired by trends and the little things they love. “Working out is tough, so I like to create mats that make working out fell a little bit less like working out.” Regan enjoys circuit training most, but occasionally rolls out her mat for a cobra pose to help recover. If she’s not enjoying fitness, she’s socializing with her friends and family at the lake.

About Cara:
, on the other hand, is a Dallas transplant! Originally from Kansas, she has been a Uptown resident for 5 years now and began her fitness journey in February 2015. Cara’s Fit Code is her blog, and progress is her game! She originally made this inspiring blog to document her fitness adventure and hold herself accountable, which might we add..She’s done an amazing job at! Fitness is a part of her lifestyle which includes her love for wholesome food, fit fashion, and encouraging others to start on their journeys as well. “Progress not perfection!” Cara works hard at her fitness routine which usually involves spin, HIIT and lifting. With the hustle of daily fitness, she reminds herself to grab a mat and Savasana, or play with her two adorable pups Remington & Beaux! Traveling and embracing social experiences such as new cultures, activities and restaurants are also some ways she enjoys to stay socially fit.

Starting Today (6/15) through next Friday (6/24), we are giving you the opportunity to win a yoga mat just like ours! These fun and funky mats, are the perfect way to embrace your inner yogi or even use in attendance at your favorite exercises in the park this summer! Having a new accessory like this mat, gives you no excuse not to jump in on a Nike Training Club class at North Park Center or a Pure Barre class at Addison Circle Park. This mat screams exercise is a party and the comments you’re sure to get will give you many social opportunities to connect!

Giveaway rules:
1. Follow @thewildarrow on instagram
2. Follow @sociallyfitdallas on instagram (us!)
3. Follow @carasfitcode on instagram
4. Tag three friends in the instagram post comments! You may comment as many times as you like for multiple entries!

If you can’t wait to get your hands on one of these mats, check out the Wild Arrow. We’ve heard there’s some new prints soon to be released too.

For updates & reminders keep checking our instagram! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!



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