GRIT Fitness – Complementary Class Review

Location: Location: 1729 Irving Blvd Ste. 101 Dallas, TX 75207

If you’re in need of a pep talk, we found the instructors to give you just that! Owner and fitness entrepreneur, Brittani Rettig, opened her second studio location in Dallas this week and we haven’t been able to get enough of her classes! Offering a week of complementary classes, these classes filled up two weeks in advance. We were thrilled, when we were able to squeeze in some of these classes so we can tell y’all all about why you should experience them too!

First of all, let’s talk logistics.

This studio is perfect for our Design District! Contemporary and filled with fantastic art pieces, there’s no possible way to walk into this studio without a smile on your face. Which is probably why, you should expect to be greeted at the door by the GRIT family every time you walk in! Also, get ready to make friends! GRIT promotes socialization. You will know the person’s name standing next to you and walk out of the class with a new friend every time. The energy is high and friendly no matter what because like Brit, everyone gives their work outs 110%!


At GRIT Fitness, they believe that variety is the spice of life. It’s no wonder, because they offer NINE different exercise classes! Here’s a list of all the classes:

  • Body Sculpt
  • Turbo kick
  • Dance Club Cardio
  • Flexn’ Flow
  • Powerbelle
  • Revolution
  • Jazz Funk 

Are you feeling spicey yet? Our bodies definitely did after the week of back to back classes we took! To get a better idea of what to expect from some of these classes, keep reading…

Turbo Kick with Annabel Williams
As we waited in the lounge, we were lucky enough to meet Annabel. Her high energy spirit, made us excited to get this class going! Women flowed into the room and staggered themselves throughout. It was a packed class! We jumped right into the exercise. Lots of High Intensity Cardio, of course. Expect shuffles, high kicks, side kicks, punches, burpees, jumping jacks and the occasional shimmy, because Annabel pushes her clients to the max! The class is 45 minutes and fast beats and boxing ring bells are pumping continuously. No equipment necessary, just bring water!


Revolution with Brittani Rettig
Even the most experienced spinner is no match for the Revolution! Excited to work with the mastermind behind this amazing studio, we entered the other room within this studio. Dim light and surrounded by 30+ stationary bikes, you don’t even need your own clip in shoes, just strap your sneakers in! Brittani pushed us because she knew what we were all capable of even if we were all ready to give up, thanks Brit. You will track your efforts through the bike’s built in monitor and your instructor will let you know when to turn up the tension and push through to higher RPMs. Expect tap backs, arm and chest presses, even upper body work outs with weights and a resistance band. This class is 45 minutes and it was a blast!

GRIT HIIT with Maria Rowe
We wish we could tell you that this class was quick & painless, but it was only one of the two. QUICK! SO we recommend you fight your hardest and your best to push through the work out because it will be over in a quick 30 minutes! The class is called HIIT, therefore you should expect cardio in High Intensity form and repeated exercises in intervals. Basically, Adult PE class. You’ll sprint across the studio, maybe even throw in some skips or jumps. You’ll also do squats, push ups, and many elementary type exercises with a 6-8 lb medicine ball.


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