GRIT Fitness Grand Opening!

Location: GRIT Design District, 1729 Irving Blvd Ste. 101 Dallas, TX 75207

We hope you didn’t miss the grand opening of GRIT Fitness in the Design District this weekend! If so, you missed quite a party!

Sunday, June 5th, marked the opening of Brittani Rettig’s second location of GRIT! These full-body workout classes are music-driven to give everyone a fun and energetic experience while achieving an intense workout.


Their official hashtag is #NoGritNoPearl. Strange, right? We thought so too, until we heard the story behind it! “In the same way that pearls require patience and persistence to be created.  We must work hard and show our GRIT to live our best lives. Pearls are sometimes found in oysters. When a grain of sand or other irritating substance (GRIT) gets stuck between the oyster’s mantle and shell, the oyster secrets nacre. This shiny substance coats the grain of sand, and over the years, forms a lustrous pearl.” Truly a beautiful way to look at fitness and life. *Applause for Brit*

GRIT offers seven different classes. Yes, seven! Their classes include Body Sculpt, Dance Club Cardio, Flexin’ Flow (yoga), GRIT HIIT, Hip Hop, Powerbelle (barre) and Turbo Kick! Each class is designed to get you moving, sweaty and pumped up to a great soundtrack. We are trying several classes during their complementary week, so don’t forget to check out those reviews!

What do the prices look like? We thought you would want to know! There are two current new client offers – $10 for your first week or $75 for your first month. Each class is $25 or unlimited monthly packages start at $105.



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