Party At Lulu

Location: 3201 Knox St, Dallas, TX 75205

You never know what to expect until you’ve walked a day in someone else’s shoes. This is true, and for us those shoes were the shoes of other bloggers. When we first thought up the idea of Socially Fit, we had no idea what to expect. Neither of us have backgrounds in creative writing, or photographic talents. Both of us work full time jobs, in careers far from the fitness and fashion fields. We didn’t know the first thing about this whole, blog business!

What we did know was that, we liked what we did every week. We already took pictures of our adventures for our own social media and we were constantly updating our friends and family about the fitness exploits. It only made sense that we include y’all in our adventures too!

We want to applaud all you, bloggers and entrepreneurs. You make all of this look so easy and delightful. With your perfect pictures and countless topics on point, you convinced us to take a walk in your shoes! What we’ve found is that we love it! We love being a part of your community and networking with all of you. Yes, it is true that our resumes don’t scream blogger compatible but you have shown us that its OK!

Wednesday evening, we made this astonishing realization. Thanks to The Meet Up, we partied with fitness instructors, CEO and small business owners, artists, jewelry makers, cake bakers, chefs, juicers, bloggers, consultants, teachers, and so many more amazing people that grind just like us every day! The Meet Up, is a community base of inspiring women seeking to inspire and encourage more women through meet up events that revolve around networking. The founders of this company, are believers in creating an atmosphere for female leaders to share their stories and make a connection with other #GirlBosses.

This room was brimming with Girl Bosses. As we mixed and mingled, we realized these women were just like us! Resumes didn’t matter or inspire them to become who they are as creatives. We made so many amazing connections as we shopped the newest Lululemon attire with a 25% off discount on anything you can fit on your lower half. We also shopped Viv Jordan & Wild Arrow while sipping and munching on Root Pressed Juices & Double Dose Bakery. To say we had fun, is an understatement. With all the events, we have been able to attend lately, it is clear to us how worth it y’all are! Being a blogger is FUN! In conclusion, we’ll keep walking in these shoes for awhile.






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