Nike Training Club : HIIT

Location:ย  8687 N Central Expy, Dallas, TX 75225

When we found out about this class, we were so excited. A fitness class at North Park Mall, on their award winning grass, with the smell of Breadwinners in the air, and an amazing Nike ambassador for a trainer, we couldn’t find an excuse not to ‘Just Do It”. So we rolled out of bed, threw on some Lulu and Nike cross trainers and headed to this early Saturday morning work out. With a yoga mat in hand and a bottle of water, we’re glad we can say we ‘just did it’. HIIT is short for High Intensity Interval Training and it has been suggested to be one of the best workouts for weight loss.


Basically this class is going to get your heart rate up for a few minutes then let your heart rate lower, over and over and over again. Sound intense? Not to worry, you’re only doing elementary style exercises like sit ups or jogging in place for only a few seconds at a time!

We thoroughly enjoyed this workout, the fact that it’s free every Saturday and Tuesday will definitely keep us coming back for more! Once again we are grateful to have moments like these that promote the health of our city’s residents, and the opportunity to explore our city as well as appreciate the wonderful spring weather of North Texas. We do have some suggestions for those of you who think you might try this class out.

Preregistration is online at, this is a must! Also, if you have a yoga mat, bring it or arrive at least 15 minutes early to grab a provided mat, they run out of mats very quickly. That’s about it folks, Nike likes to have fun but they sure know how to train too! Enjoy.


Class Size: 15-20

Amenities: NorthPark Mall bathrooms

Equipment: Yoga Mat, Small weights

Boutique: Yes, Nike NorthPark location

Cost: Absolutely FREE

Target Areas: Abs, Arms, Seat



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