Lorna Jane Warehouse Sale X PIYO

Lorna Jane Warehouse Sale

PiYo with Melissa McAllister


Jessica Simpson has a lot of moments, like that of her buffalo wing confusion, but if there’s one thing we know she does have right, its that shopping and athleticism actually go hand and hand. That being said, of course this is all about the other event you hopefully didn’t miss out on this weekend!

Dallas asked for it and so we got it! The very first Lorna Jane Warehouse Sale!! Items were as low as $10 and as high as $55, from sock to sweatshirts! Secluded in a warehouse off Oak Lawn, valet parking was available as you shopped up to 70% Lorna Jane Active Wear. This event went on from Thursday to Sunday, with continuous restocking of items, great give-a-ways like 20% off in store purchases and did we mention more FREE work out classes from Dallas’s finest fitness instructors!

You know we did some damage to our paid day checks here! And we may have been so guilty as to have shopped the sale TWICE! But at the end of this weekend, we not only came home with new workout outfits to look good in, we tried out a PiYo class so we’d feel good too. “You feel good, you look good” or was it “You look good, you feel good”? Regardless we got a share of both and now we can also cross off being a PiYo newbie off our list of social fitness.


PiYo, not to be confused with FroYo (we love that too), is a combination of Pilates and Yoga. At first formation of the technique, it was a class where 40 minutes consisted of one activity and 20 minutes of the other, but now the movements of both workouts have collided into one 60 minute exercise. Containing intervals of repeated motions that yogis may be familiar with, just add your own body weight and now you’re doing PiYo. We had an awesome class with extremely uplifting women ready to sweat and shop! So awesome, that we were fully prepared for brunch afterwards at Dream Cafe.

Lorna Jane West Village & North Park both strive to better our community by bettering the health of our Dallas ladies. We’ll be keeping an eye out for many more opportunities to sweat with LJ! Even if that means taking a class at their West Village studio.

Class Size: 8- 10

Amenities: Mat provided

Equipment: Yoga Mat

Boutique: Yes, Lorna Jane Warehouse Sale

Cost: Absolutely FREE

Target Areas: Abs, Arms, Seat

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟



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