A Day At The Races

Location: Arlington Hall at Lee Park, 3333 Turtle Creek Blvd, Dallas, TX 75219

Benefiting: Lee Park Junior Conservancy

Once upon a time (specifically the time of May 7th), in a land very very close, lived a community of young professionals seeking to conserve their kingdom and the land before it. To inspire such conservation, it has been tradition that an afternoon of charitable festivities is held on the lawn of this kingdom once a year. This afternoon brings forth an atmosphere of merriment and self-indulgence. An event so grand, everyone is dressed to the nines in pastels and champagne is flowing like water. There is dancing along with nourishment but of all the traditions to preserve, the horse races are the finest.

Sounds like a fairytale, right? Well, actually this world exists IN DALLAS, TEXAS!

Annually, the Lee Park Junior Conservancy puts on the party of the year! Inspired by the Kentucky Derby, this party is held to raise funds for Lee Park and Arlington Hall. Both, being conserved by the city of Dallas through this organization, have been kept in tip top shape for at least 20 years now. The Junior Conservancy is obviously the branch of young professionals, while the Lee Park & Arlington Hall Conservancy is the leading organization. Since the formation in 1995, over $3,000,000 in private funds has been raised to preserve this amazing area located within Turtle Creek.

The lively affair included raffles and amazing auction items. Southern comfort cuisine and mint juleps were at everyone’s reach, but if bourbon isn’t your thing, the event had many other beverage sponsors throughout the venue. There were race themed games and dancing to the live band. Even announcements were made to join in on the  live screenings of the Kentucky Derby Race, and we weren’t wrong to favor Nyquist! Regardless of everyone dressed in their finest derby attire, the whole crowd was definitely able to let lose and celebrate the affair. This wasn’t your average stuffy social event, professionals of all ages mixed and mingled through the historic building and on the lawn. For a few hours, the Lee Park Junior Conservancy really did create a fairy tale like social scene and we will definitely be coming back each year for more!

For more information about this amazing social event and the organization, visit their website.


Photo credit: Gregory Martin Photography & Clark Cabus Photography


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