Welcome to Socially Fit Dallas

All gyms are not created equally!
And you should know the truth.


Hi, our names are Savannah & Olivia! We are two bloggers who work together to take on all that this big city has to offer – fitness, events and sales! Back in our college days, meeting each other for a quick study break at the Rec Center was never considered complicated. Except for that HIIT class, that one time! Remember that? Now post college, we’re both in Dallas, with a cornucopia of studios . One evening, Savannah invited Olivia to her first ever barre class. Just like in college, this became our evening meet up place to sit before class and socialize. Until one evening on the way to a new class, it hit us!

New experiences are somewhat intimidating but if a friend reached out to you and said “you should really try this”, gave you all the details and then invited you to join, you know you’d be more likely to try it out! We believe everyone is capable of fitness regardless of the price or time!  That’s our goal! By experiencing everything at least once, we’re able to tell you everything you need to know about that class, studio, shop, restaurant, social event, or meal. Not to mention we love to invite everyone to join us! Fitness should be fun not a chore.

We’re Socially Fit, are you?